HashBar WordPress Notification Bar

HashBar is a handy WordPress Notification Bar Plugin that will take your WordPress site to the next level. You can set up as many notification bars as you want and customize their content to suit your needs.

Right Button Demo

Place your CTA on the right side of your notification bar using this option. Aside from the CTA position, you can also have customization options to tailor your notification bar according to you requirements and make it look engaging to your visitors.

Text above button

You can use this option to show your notification message above the CTA button. It can help you draw attention to the button and encourage users to take action by providing you with options to personalize the notification bars.

Left Text Right Social Buttons

Showcase your social media buttons on a notification bar right next to your notification message. You can even personalize the look and feel of the notification text and social media buttons to match your brand’s style.

Text Top, Button in Middle Social at Bottom

When it comes to capturing your visitor’s attention, this option is pretty handy as it lets you display a notification text at the top and a CTA button at the middle of a notification bar while still displaying links to your social media profiles underneath them.

Email Newsletter

The plugin also provides an option to add a notification bar that includes a subscription form to collect email addresses from your website visitors. This way, you can utilize the plugin as a powerful marketing tool and reach out to your subscribers later on with the latest updates, promotions, and much more.


With this option, you can showcase a stunning image on your notification bar highlighting your products, services, or other crucial information to capture your visitor’s attention. You can even link the image to any existing page or custom URL you desire.

YouTube / Vimeo Video

Capture your visitors’ attention by embedding an interactive video in the notification bar area. This feature can be used to demonstrate your products or services by displaying a video from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Facebook like box

HashBar offers a Facebook Like Box integration that allows you to display your Facebook page like box directly on the notification bar. This feature is a great way to increase your Facebook page likes and followers.

Show/Hide based on Scroll Position

Hashbar’s Show/Hide based on Scroll Position demo showcases one of the plugin’s unique features that allows users to display or hide the notification bar based on the user’s scroll position on the page. With this feature, users can set a specific scroll percentage at which the notification bar will appear or disappear, making it a useful tool for creating a more seamless user experience.
Click to Popup
Click to Popup

Promo Banner

The HashBar Promo Banner demo showcases the Promo Banner feature of the HashBar plugin. The Promo Banner appears as a horizontal bar at the top or bottom of the screen and can be customized to display any message or call-to-action. In the demo, the Promo Banner is shown at the top of the screen and displays a message about a limited-time sale.